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Welcome to

Ragnarok Pinas

Start your journey and enjoy the nostalgic feeling just like the old times! Free-to-Play, Pre-Renewal and Low-Rates. Read more.

Server Features

Episode: Episode 13.2: Encounter with the Unknown Max Base Lvl: 99
Classes: 2-2 Transcendent Class Max Base Lvl: 70
Mode: Pre-Renewal Rates: ×3/×3/×1 Floating Rates

Be A Streamer.

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Stream the game and gain rewards! Join our streamer program to earn rewards while playing the game.


Server Information

Server Rates

Ragnarok Pinas base server rates is 3x/3x/1x. Do you think it is such a pain? Worry no more! Rates can be boosted using manuals, VIP ticket and more! We do also have Pinas Blessing that will trigger exp and drop rate boost serverwide if players reached the target contributions. There's more! Scheduled Happy Hour Event will surely ease your grind.

Pre-Renewal Classic Server

We and our community love the classic feeling of the game, Ragnarok Pinas keeps its game mechanics Pre-Renewal Classic with Transcendent and Expanded Jobs! Currently running on Episode 13.2. No Custom items and stats. Feel the grind in leveling, farming and doing official quests. You can enjoy playing while keeping that classic feeling!

Mobile Client Available

Play anywhere and anytime with our portable android client. It's not the best at the moment but development is always progressive for the Android Client.

Server Events

Exciting Events inside the game / social media / discord. Seasonal Tournaments and more! We are also giving real money Prizes! Don't miss it!

Earn while Playing (RMT)

We always prioritize the in-game economy to make sure that your hardwork on leveling and farming has a value.

Daily And Playtime Rewards

Tired of the grind? Chill for a moment, talk to your friends, have a good time and earn points! Use this points to buy consumables to aid you in your grind.